About Hair Loss

Why are you losing your hair?

There are a host of genetic, medical and scientific reasons you are losing your hair. In consultation with an Elite Hair Doctor, you will learn more about why you are losing your hair, but more importantly, you'll learn how to keep the hair you have and replace the hair you've lost.

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Is there an Elite Hair Doctor near me?

Click on the Elite Hair Doctor locations tab and find to the closest location. Keep in mind that hair restoration is usually a once in a lifetime decision, so you owe it to yourself to choose the right doctor and the right technology. While you may find someone closer and cheaper, if they don't have the experience and expertise you might not be happy with the end results. Since you are going to live with the results of your hair restoration for a lifetime, your decision on choosing the right doctor should be based on the quality of his or her work and the price, not how far you need to travel to get there.

What hair restoration technologies are available?

When it comes to hair restoration procedures, 'one size does NOT fit all'. Regardless of what anyone tells you, if you're like most people, you have a host of options for your hair restoration procedure ranging from handheld, surgical strip and even robotic hair restoration procedures. Some procedures are more invasive than others and prices differ dramatically, but just as every fingerprint is different, so is every head of hair. Since you'll be living with your new hair every day for the rest of your life, it's imperative that your hair restoration procedure fits your lifestyle and budget, with results that exceed your expectations.

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Can I keep my inquiry and/or consultation confidential?

Hair loss is a very personal matter and that's why Elite Hair Doctors go to great lengths to treat every inquiry and client with honesty, integrity and respect, while maintaining absolute confidentiality. Whether you want information about hair restoration for you or a loved one, Elite Hair Doctors is a great first step.

Can hair transplantation really look natural?

YES! If you didn't know the people on this website have had a hair restoration procedure, you would never know it. Take a close look at the before and after photos and listen to the patient testimonials and you'll see this is as natural as it gets. When hair transplantation is done correctly by a proficient, experienced expert, the results should look so natural nobody will know you had a procedure. To achieve the best, natural and attractive results, you need a meticulous expert with a proven track record.

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Does the procedure hurt?

This is a common concern for most transplant patients. The truth is that with the local anesthesia that is used in the donor and recipient areas, most patients experience little or no pain during the procedure. Following surgery, most patients experience some mild discomfort, which traditionally decreases in a matter of days.

Can I afford it?

With payment plans and financing options, the hair restoration procedure has never been more affordable, but you need to find the right plan that best suits your needs and budget. The cost of your hair transplantation depends on the amount of hair being transplanted and is generally considered plastic surgery, therefore is not covered by medical insurance. However, this is an important investment in your future, life, and self-confidence and may offer the perfect financial plan to get your natural hair back, according to your budget and timeline.

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Is the lowest priced procedure my best option?

No. Rest assured, you can search the internet and always find someone, somewhere, willing to perform your procedure for a 'rock bottom price', and you can expect 'rock bottom results'. Cheap hair restorations look like cheap hair restorations and being the 'low price leader' is great if you're a big box retail store, but when it comes to hair restoration, you get what you pay for.